Op-Ed: Who is Daniel and Why is He Damned?

A few weeks ago it came to my attention that a young man is in some serious trouble. I have little knowledge of the situation, and have therefore felt unqualified to address the issue until this very moment. But I can no longer keep quiet; I must know: who is Daniel and why is he damned?

I used to constantly hear people laughing about this Daniel person and his white Vans, and I don’t see how everyone can be so insensitive. I’m not entirely sure, but “white Vans” sounds like a drug reference, and I’m worried that this Daniel is addicted to meth or heroin, which really would be damning.

I have also been able to deduce that people know of him because he has taken to the internet in order to seek help for his terrible condition. When I inquire about where to find his outcries people just say, “It might be on Vine, but I think they took it down.” Others chuckle a little.

I am astonished that people would choose to ignore or mock someone who is in need of help and am currently trying to gather a support group for the suffering Daniel. I think if we can all come together in this time of need, we can remind Daniel that damnation is not certain. I just really hope we can save his life after losing so many to the terrible Parkinson’s disease derivative known as the Harlem Shake that swept the nation a few years back.

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