Mayfest Hoping Dillo Gets Rained Out Following Joke MGMT Announcement

Just a week after announcing that MGMT is to headline Dillo this year, Mayfest organizers are hoping that Dillo gets rained out, saying that the MGMT announcement had been a joke.

“When we heard those rumors flying around that MGMT would be at Dillo this year, we thought we could have a little fun by posting those call number flyers around campus and make everyone think it was true,” stated Mayfest representative Alvin Kushner. “But we realized something went wrong when the entire campus actually started getting really pumped for this. We had honestly thought only rappers could headline Dillo.”

Mayfest has since been unable to rectify the situation, as their actual headliner, local Chicago rapper named P-Diddy Jr, is sure to cause a chaos across campus. “Listen, we just got past an entire year of ‘Fuck Mayfest’ messages posted on social media and shouted out at us during the fall activities fair. If this comes out, then everyone will be wanting our heads. The last thing we need is a riot on our hands when P-Diddy Jr shows up dropping his latest mixtape when everyone is expecting MGMT.”

Most members of Mayfest have agreed that if Dillo is only rained out, they can deal with more “Fuck Mayfest” messages. One member said they had gotten used to it and even kind of missed it.

Still, others in Mayfest should fell that they should just be honest with people about the joke, claiming that no matter what happens on Dillo, it is impossible to please everybody and that every bad thing that happens on Dillo will still be blamed on them anyways.

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