Bikes in Storage Tired of Dry Spell, Ready to be Lubed and Sat On Again

After being locked up underneath Sargent and Hinman for the entire winter quarter, the bikes in storage are ready to finally get nicely lubricated and sat on once again. Northwestern’s Residence Hall Association informed students in early April that they could take their bikes out for a good time and ride them all over Sheridan.

Weinberg senior Amelia Roseburg reported that she’s never loved an inanimate object so much, and that she was incredibly excited for spring quarter just so she could straddle her bike again. She especially enjoys bumpy rides, but had trouble giving a specific reason.

“I can’t really explain the feeling I get when I’m riding down an unpaved road. I just feel it in my lower gut, kind of like when I… yeah, I just can’t really explain it.”

Police officers were involved in the retrieval of the stored bikes, offering helmets and bike lights to ensure riders stayed protected and didn’t miss any holes. In addition, a local bike shop was there to pump the tires and make sure the bikes could still perform, despite being inactive for an entire quarter.

“All these bikes come in different wheel size,” said John Blunt, owner of Deals on Wheels. “Some are small but wide, others big and thin. But once we get those babies nice and hard, it’s smooth sailing from there.”

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