New Dillo Stage to Feature Live Podcasting

This year, Mayfest will be heightening Dillo Day festivities with a new stage that features live podcasting.

Mayfest released a statement this week regarding the addition: “We know that not everyone wants to listen to random bands and rappers that they sort of vaguely know, so, we decided to bring in those podcasters that you’ve been meaning to listen to but just haven’t had the time lately.”

Many students expressed vehement excitement upon hearing about the new stage. “I heard they’re gonna have My Favorite Murder, which is fantastic!” said Lily Carlisle, WCAS ‘19. “There is literally nothing that could make Dillo better than gruesome stories about real-life murderers.”

Jared Landon, SoC ’20, was a little more doubtful about the stage. “I mean, I absolutely want to party with the gang of How Did This Get Made – best podcast – but, like, I know I’m gonna blackout,” he said. “I’m just not sure I’ll really be in the podcast mood, ya feel?”

Inside sources claim that Mayfest has considered this complaint and does not see any issue. They acknowledge that Dillo performances are already so mediocre that they can’t really get much worse.

UPDATE: According to unconfirmed reports live from the lakefill, all podcasters were booed off stage for “being too much like MGMT and not brining the jams.” Mayfest has since totally scrapped this idea and is pretending like nothing ever happened. When asked to comment on the failure, an anonymous representative simply said, “I don’t even know what podcasts are.”


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