Area Student Channeling All Hope and Depression into Windowsill Basil Plant

When Maddie Fisher, WCAS ’21, began to plan her dorm room décor through a series of Pinterest boards, she had no idea that her basil plant would grow to become such a big part of her life.

Inspired by a stack of interior design magazines, Fisher assumed that a basil plant would add to the décor of the room. Instead, Fisher found that the plant, Jonathan, was a great listener. Jonathan would listen to her problems with her boyfriend, Jorge, without batting a leaf.

Fisher cancelled her therapy appointments in order to attend to Jonathan’s pruning. Fisher claims that her basil plant, Jonathan, understands her on an emotional level because “last winter, when I was like in winter quarter, Jonathan had a hard time too.”

At the moment Fisher is considering transferring to Houston Community College in order to pursue a degree in horticulture. “Honestly, forget Northwestern,” said Fisher. “They may think that it’s necessary that I attend Cell Biology. Little do they know, I’m gonna be outta here next year.”

Fisher’s roommate is glad to hear that Fisher plans to leave the school. “I can finally have my room back,” said Fisher’s roommate. “I thought I had been sexiled so she could hang out with Jorge but now I realize she was just getting really aroused by her basil plant. No roommate needs to witness that.”

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