Area Man with a Blog Wonders Why He’s Alone on Valentine’s Day

Local blogger Gary Schmidt spent Valentine’s Day wondering why no woman had fallen head-over-heels in love with him.

“I’m really the whole package,” Schmidt said. “What lovely lady wouldn’t want a man with a sharp wit and nearly a dozen followers on his blog?”

Schmidt, 42, reported being downright flabbergasted that no woman was smitten by his use of metaphors and clever word play.

Schmidt runs a blog titled “Best Travel Destinations.”

“Yeah, I call it ‘Best Travel Destinations’ to get people’s attention. But instead of ‘best,’ it’s ‘fairly average,’ and instead of ‘travel destinations,’ it’s actually about my suburb,” explained Schmidt. “But it’s really my blog’s vivid imagery and playful diction that sets it apart.”

Schmidt explained that he thinks women would love him and his blog, he just needs his big break.

“I woo with words…that’s just who I am,” said Schmidt. “If you think my blog is good, just wait ‘til you read my poetry.”

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