Frozone To Guest Star In Frozen 2

In a surprising announcement today, Disney revealed that fan-favorite superhero Frozone will be making an appearance in the upcoming Frozen 2.

“The guys over at Marvel have been doing pretty great with their shared cinematic universe, which is why we’re going to do the same thing with some of our other franchises,” Disney CEO Bob Iger explained. “The current plan is to establish a romance between Elsa and Frozone. Then, they’ll both appear in Toy Story 4, in preparation for the big crossover movie we’ve slated for 2022.”

Famed actor Samuel L. Jackson, who voices Frozone, expressed his own opinions on why he thinks the ice-wielding superhero is an ideal choice to appear in Frozen 2. “Look, you might like Elsa or Olaf or whoever, but everyone knows that Frozone is the coolest motherfucker on the planet. Cooler than Nick Fury, cooler than Mace Windu, cooler than Jules Winnfield. Because he’s a black guy with motherfucking ice powers, get it?”

At press time, Disney released a tentative list of main characters for its unnamed 2022 crossover movie, which included Frozone, Elsa, Buzz Lightyear, and the Will Smith Genie.

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