Arthur Butz Challenges Kanazawa to Steel Cage Match

After an altercation on certain unnamed online troll communities, Arthur Butz publicly challenged Satoshi Kanazawa to a steel cage match to “finally settle things.”

“This fifty-six-year-old spring chicken thinks he can walk in and take my title of academic with shittiest opinions on campus?” said the eighty-five-year-old engineering professor, cracking a liver-spotted knuckle. “I think not.”

Kanazawa, the “Beast from the East (London)” was fairly confident about the match-up.

“Butz is all washed up—he denied the Holocaust back in the 70s,” Kanazawa said. “I’m talking about eugenics RIGHT NOW. Butz has no skin in the game.” Kanazawa then flexed one “genetically superior” bicep and winked.

Northwestern University has decided not to decry the “Rumble of the Racists”. In a statement released to the press earlier today, the institution said “Feuds between academics are fairly common. And since we’ve chosen to ignore the things they’ve said up to this point, why would we change course now?”

Students have been buzzing about the event.

“Regardless of the outcome, it’ll be a disappointment unless they both die.” said one student who plans to attend, wearing a “Kanazawa Can Suck My Butz” jersey.

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