Op-Ed: What I Learned by Eating at Arby’s Every Day of Summer Until They Offered Me a Job

The second I left Northwestern’s campus in June, one thing was certain: this summer, I wanted to work at Arby’s.

But, like any NU student, I’m an overachiever. So I decided I wouldn’t just walk into my local Arby’s and ask for a job. What I needed to do was eat there so frequently that the management would have to hire me. Because legally, I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.

So before you go off and apply to internships and jobs for next summer, take a look at what I’ve learned these past few months. It will definitely help you throughout the process!

  1. The Arby’s by me closes at 11 p.m. When I started eating at my local Arby’s every day, I didn’t realize how late it actually stays open. Turns out I didn’t have to always get my smokehouse brisket for breakfast!
  2. The manager, Steve, has a bit of a temper. Around my 23rd day in a row of eating inside the Arby’s, Steve was curt with me: “Is this some kind of joke?” Little did he know that he’d be hiring me just 62 days later!
  3. Do NOT order the turkey ‘n cheese slider. Don’t do it. Just… don’t.
  4. Try to start in June. I didn’t think that it would take 90% of my summer for Steve to finally say, “Fuck it, you might as well work here.” By the time I got the coveted position, I was only in town for another 4 days! And trust me, you want the most time as possible working your dream job at Arby’s. I know I did!
  5. Follow your dreams. Loved ones tried to tell me that my plan was going to “permanently scar our relationship” or “drive this family apart.” But when those 4 days of Arby’s employee discounts came rolling in, you can bet they changed their tune. Don’t listen to the haters. Be true to yourself!

I hope you, dear readers, find my insights enlightening. And remember: just because I didn’t have to apply for my job doesn’t make me better than you! I’m confident you tackled whatever dumb impressive thing you did this summer super well, while I tackled my curly fries.

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