Man returns iPhone 4S after alleged sexual harassment

TOPEKA – One man of Tecumseh, Kansas who prefers to be referred to only as “Brian,” is filing charges against Apple for sexual harassment by the new iPhone’s voice-recognizing assistant.

“It all started off alright,” Brian said, “I was excited about the new update, I unboxed it right away…it all seemed so normal.”

Brian says that he should’ve taken the phone’s first interaction with him more seriously. “I started it up, and the first thing it said was, ‘What’s your name, sexy?’ But I figured that was just a joke.”

“Then I caught it taking a video of me changing,” Brian continued. “It got to the point where every time I would ask it to do something, like, say, email my boss, it would only comply if I removed an article of clothing.”

Allegedly, when the victim attempted to call his lawyer, Siri refused to dial the number while repeating, “Come on, baby.”

“I would buy an Android,” Brian said, “but my friend said they’re all racist.”

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