Trump Apologizes for Mistreatment of Elizabeth Warren, Admits He Was Wrong

In the wake of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s recently released DNA test, President Trump called a press conference to publicly apologize for his earlier mockery of Warren’s Native American heritage.

“I would like to officially apologize to Senator Warren for my rude behavior, which was most unfitting for the President of the United States,” said Trump. “Most importantly, I would like to say before my peers in Washington and my country that I was wrong.”

Trump’s speech has been widely regarded as a shining example of political decency and civility. Many are also applauding his masterful turn of phrase and elegant use of language in his speech.

Trump also spoke to his supporters in his speech, imploring them not to insult political rivals like Senator Warren. “What’s most important is to treat everyone with respect,” he said.

At press time, Trump announced plans to call Russia and beg to reenter the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty that he withdrew from earlier this week, calling the withdrawal “a huge mistake that wasn’t thought through.”

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