New “Unpopular Science” Magazine Only Popular with Unpopular Crowd

CHICAGO—It is clear that print media has faced hard times as of late. In an interesting revival tactic, Popular Science Magazine is attempting to counter the downturn by releasing a new sister publication entitled Unpopular Science. The format of the new magazine is similar to that of Popular Science, which features innovations from some of today’s most interesting scientific fields. Unpopular Science, however, focuses mainly on geology.

“We were really trying to broaden our demographics,” noted the president of Popular Science, James Fallton. “The people who read our original publication tend to have many friends, go out on weekends, and have had a girlfriend or boyfriend at some point in their lives. That’s not who we’re trying to attract with Unpopular Science. We want the people who stood in line for hours to see the new Star Trek movie.”

The new magazine includes very few pictures, long-winded scientific journal-type articles, detailed and complicated graphs, and small text. “I love it,” Earth and Planetary Sciences major Pat Peterson. “It goes way beyond just stalactites and stalagmites. It even includes minerals. Minerals!”

It seems that after just one issue, the unpopular crowd has responded well to Unpopular Science. Geology is just that popular.

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