Ask The Flipside – Why Don’t You Have Any Articles Regarding Women?

Dear The Northwestern Flipside,

Why don’t you have any “Area Woman” articles? It seems like you only ever write articles about men.

Sheila Von Ontario

Dear Sheila,

The main reason that the Flipside is so testosterone-fueled is that women rarely do anything stupid enough for us to bother writing articles about them. It’s so much easier to make up funny stories about some drunken dude’s escapades than it is to find humor in cooking and cleaning.

I mean, look at Frances Willard. I doubt if she ever did anything worth satirizing. Actually, the real reason that all the articles are about guys is that there isn’t a single woman on the Flipside staff (hint, hint). It’s just a bunch of dudes sitting around pulling mildly offensive jokes out of nowhere.

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