Misspelling of Lunt Hall Leads to Indignation, Violence from Women’s Rights Groups

EVANSTON—A riot broke out on Wednesday the 11th as a typo in a local paper mistakenly misspelled the name of the Northwestern mathematics building, Lunt Hall. By accidentally substituting a single poorly-placed consonant for the “L”, writer Edward McGlonin inadvertently plunged himself into a tumultuous hell of incensed women’s rights groups, gleefully inebriated fraternity patrons, and everyone in between. When asked about the incident, McGlonin stated that “the low lighting [conditions] made the two letters look exactly the same” although this interview was conducted via telephone and there were sounds akin to snickering on the other end. His editor was similarly displeased and confused about how the error had escaped his notice, but declined to comment when accosted by this Flipside reporter.

These flimsy apologies aren’t enough for certain organizations, though. Melina Hibasteus, co-chair of Women Against Offensive Labels, commented on the controversy: “It’s ridiculous. Those two letters aren’t even close to each other on the keyboard; it can’t possibly have been a mistake. We have faced years of vulgar name-calling attached to our gender and anatomy, and we’ve had enough.” However, some members of the Northwestern University community found the unintentional misspelling quite funny. Shilo DeBaunt, of the fraternity Kappa Zeta Kappa, was quoted as calling the mistake “hilarious” and “that [he] loves anything to do with [the typo]” before promptly high-fiving fellow fraternity brother Tommy Morraghin.

The reported backlash from feminist groups was tremendous. “Who knows?” said Hibasteus. “The next time I’m referring to the Block Museum of Art, my vocal cords might just… slip. They’re quite similar sounds.”

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