[SEVENTH GRADE ISSUE] OMG Bruno Just Held My Hand!!!!!!

[by Heartbeat0506]

OH. MY. GOD. I cannot BELIEVE what just happened tonight!!! Ok, so it was Halloween and I went trick-or-treating with Bruno, just the two of us!! Well, his dad walked behind us, but that doesn’t count. Anyway, he went as a knight and I dressed as a princess. It was sooooo romantic <3. We went to so many houses and got, like, a TON of candy! Like seriously, 15 whole pounds, we weighed it. We spent the whole night together trick-or-treating, all the way til 10 p.m.!!! Then when we were walking back to his house our hands touched accidentally and HE HELD MY HAND. Can you believe it?!?!?!? For almost 10 whole minutes. OMG it was magical. We are SO going to get married : ))))

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