SHAPE Brings Crabs to Northwestern Campus

SEARLE- In preparation for Northwestern Dance Marathon, scheduled to take place the weekend of March 9th, Sexual Health and Peer Educators (SHAPE) is putting together a campus wide crabwalk race to raise money for this year’s beneficiary, B+.

“The race will start at Tech and all the crabs will scurry toward Searle Health Services,” President of SHAPE, Eliza Crochitch said. “We are really excited and we are hoping every pair participating in DM will send at least one crab to the community.”

Senior Sham Poodmagroin says this is not the first time the idea has been tried. “They tried to bring crabs to campus before, but it really wasn’t a good experience. Both my girlfriend and I participated in something similar last year, but we both got injured. Also, weirdly, she got pubic lice.”

The race is set for March 1, the day before the annual Hershey’s Syrup Hershey-Squirts squirt-off.

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