Northwestern Encourages Teach for America to Keep Down Student Unemployment Numbers

EVANSTON — Jacob Lurie, a School of Communications senior, walks out of the jobs fair. He is tired from talking to companies that contribute so much good to the world: Deloitte, Bane, the marketing team in University of Chicago’s athletic department. He is holding his resume, which does not include his GPA.

Looking in the mirror at a face that’s never taken a single education class, Lurie says to himself, “I’ve heard TFA is pretty awesome.”

Lurie is not alone. In fact, 10% of Northwestern students avoid unemployment by doing Teach For America, which recruits with U.S. drone-like precision and tenacity.

“I mean, they sent me a personal email,” Lurie says, continuing to talk to himself in front of the mirror. “And they made a good point: my work on stage-crew for The Dolphin Show really did distinguish me as a leader on campus. I have the skills to teach disinterested, underfunded students with backgrounds totally different from my own.”

Northwestern University is a big supporter of TFA, which they say allows students to experience things they have never experienced before, like diversity, Delaware, and teaching.

“It looks great on a resume,” Lurie says. “Plus, with the salary I’ll make as a teacher, I can really make a dent in the tuition I’ll have to pay for law school.”

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