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Northwestern Encourages Teach for America to Keep Down Student Unemployment Numbers

EVANSTON — Jacob Lurie, a School of Communications senior, walks out of the jobs fair. He is tired from talking to companies that contribute so much good to the world: Deloitte, Bane, the marketing team in University of Chicago’s athletic department. He is holding his resume, which does not include his GPA. Looking in the mirror at a face that’s never taken a single education class, Lurie says to himself, “I’ve heard TFA is pretty awesome.” Lurie is not alone. In

Congress Would Rather Sit on Their Asses

WASHINGTON – Congress has voted down the latest edition of President Obama’s jobs bill that would have legally required Americans to get jobs. The proposal was met with fierce opposition from Congressmen who would rather sit on their asses instead. The vote has been interpreted by political analysts as a legislative act defending the rights of the lazy. Senators gave impassioned speeches about the freedom to “do absolutely nothing” and to “be a couch potato,” saying that Americans have a

Laid Off Workers Not Doing Enough to Help Economy

WASHINGTON—With the DOW closing just above 7,850 on Friday, economists are predicting that the worst has yet to come. A mortgage crisis, depreciation of the dollar, and a failed economic policy by the Bush administration are largely to blame for tough economic conditions. With companies forced to cut down on spending, laying off workers was inevitable. Unemployment has reached its highest rate in years, 7.6%, that according to the United States Department of Labor. Spokesman for the Department of Labor,