A Review of Found: A Restaurant Fit for a Stefon

I just heard about this absolutely fabulous social house (it’s not the same as a restaurant, but I won’t expect you to know the difference) from Stefon called Found. Once he said that it had both fried chicken and caviar on the menu, I knew I would die if I didn’t go there. So, this past weekend, my girlfriends and I decided to head over, and, let me tell you, it was the absolute best culinary experience I’ve had since my $275 pasta with truffle sauce from Nello in New York City.

I knew it was going to be a great night right from the moment I saw that the bar stools resembled folding chairs. It was just so avant garde. I mean, the symbolism of folding chairs at a restaurant as nice as Found!

For drinks, I ordered the Found Punch, which is basically their drink du jour, and it vaguely reminded me of Jungle Juice. It was amazing! Who would’ve thought that there’d be a Jungle Juice-esque drink at a place like Found!? The symbolism never ends.

When it came time to order, I was overwhelmed – I didn’t know what to get! I mean, I’d been craving chicken liver mousse with bacon marmalade all day, but the kale and Swiss chard salad sounded divine. They even had a baby lettuce salad! I’ve heard it’s so much better than adult lettuce. But alas, I ended up choosing the chicken liver mousse.

The chicken liver mousse had the perfect texture to be a mousse and not a pate. So many restaurants get it wrong, and it ruins my meal every time that happens. If I order a mousse, I expect a mousse. But hey, I guess that’s what separates a social house from a mere restaurant.

Despite my dish being so tasty, the best plate of the night was definitely the root vegetable and quark flatbread that Brittney ordered. At first, she was a little confused as to why the menu specified that the flatbread was made from quarks, because, obviously, all baryonic matter is made from quarks. How could the treasure that is Found make such an egregious error? This was all until I informed her that quark is actually a type of cheese. It’s very uncommon in the United States, but, being as cultured as I am, I knew what it was. The flavors of the root vegetables and the quark cheese melded so well together, it was as if I couldn’t distinctly taste each individual root vegetable (which is a great feat when dealing with a palette as finely tuned as mine).

Overall, our check came out to $127 before tax and tip –not bad at all. This place is a must-go, dear Flipside readers. 5/5 stars.

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