Freshman Confident He Has His Schedule Worked Out

EVANSTON — Most students planning their new schedules worry about how they will balance school life with personal life. Brian Jenkins, however, an aspiring computer science and biology double major who figured out how to log into CAESAR to preview Northwestern’s class offerings, says he has created a foolproof schedule for the coming quarter.

“I’ll have 8 AM classes every day, which is good because I like to wake up early and get things done,” said Jenkins. “It worked well in high school so I know I’ll have no trouble getting up early in college.”

Jenkins plans to participate in various extracurricular activities, too. “Since I’ll be done with all my classes by around lunch time, I’ll have the rest of the afternoon to be productive. I’ll have no trouble finishing most of my homework by dinner time, so I was planning on joining maybe five, six different clubs to keep my evenings busy. I hear Sherman Ave lacks decent writers so I might join their staff. After doing club stuff, I’ll chill with some friends and go places. I hope to go to Chicago at least once a week.”

“At night, I’ll hunker down in my dorm room and finish any school work. I figure I be done with everything by midnight and then get a good night’s sleep afterwards. I am so ready for this quarter! Bring it on!”

Jenkins is sure he will have no trouble making the Dean’s List, becoming president of at least two of his extracurricular activities, and becoming the first freshman to be inducted to Phi Beta Kappa, an academic honors society. His only worry is getting along with his roommate, whose college plans include drinking every night and wearing baseball caps backwards.

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