Area Homeless Man Dons Dance Marathon Bib, Earns Enough to Move off Street

EVANSTON — George Eckhart, a local homeless person, has seen his daily income increase one-hundredfold after finding a bright yellow Dance Marathon bib. Much to Eckhart’s surprise, in the past three days people have put over $2000 in his cup, shouting words of encouragement such as “Dance for the kids!” and “Do it for Joseph!”

Eckhart was shocked that the bib had such a profound effect on his earnings. “Usually when people pass by me, they’ll avoid my gaze or give me a disgusted look. Now, they smile and tell me to keep it up. I’m proud that I am working hard, braving the cold just to eat my next meal,” said Eckhart. “I’m looking into renting an apartment now, times are so good.”

Northwestern students have certainly noticed Eckhart’s presence outside of CVS. “I asked him what team he was dancing with and he acted like he didn’t know what I was talking about. This guy is sneaky. I bet he’s dancing with Pike,” said Jacob Green, head of the Tappa Tappa Keg/Delta Delta Delta Delta team.

Across the street, another local panhandler’s earnings have decreased significantly after donning a Greenpeace bib.

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