Daily Northwestern Full of Insightful Opinions

EVANSTON—The Daily Northwestern is an integral part of Northwestern’s Evanston campus held dear by each student. A popular section of the Daily is the Opinion section, in which writers share their hard-hitting insights into major conflicts. The Flipside dove into the Daily archives to retrieve some other Pulitzer-worthy Op-Eds.

NU Cuisine Pales in Comparison to Most Evanston Restaurants

“We’ve been living in a fool’s paradise of hummus and kosher hot dogs, oblivious to the world-class custom burritos right in our backyard.”

Social Interaction Still Not Worth It

“To think that your falsely cheerful greeting is more important than Leona Lewis’s 2007 masterpiece “Bleeding Love” is edging on hubris.”

Chicago is too cold

“One could argue that there are thousands of individuals who live in places much colder than Chicago. While that is true, it doesn’t change the daily agony we are subjected to as we shuffle our way to class.”

Dillo Day Perfect for Day-Drinking

“I found myself entering a stupor much like what I normally experience on a Friday night. However, this time the sun was out.”

Living Alone Prevents Roommate Issues

“I only had myself to hate instead of a spineless prick I was forced to share a mini-fridge with.”

Staying Awake: One Writer Voices Support for Coffee

“On one particularly bad day I even found myself going back for a second cup of the wonderful energizing elixir.”

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