ASG to Hold Debate on Dress Color

EVANSTON, IL—Recently, due to #dressgate2015, tensions have risen to new heights across campus. Student organizations such as GoldDivest and the Coalition for Black and Blue have sprung up with various platforms based on the RGB values in the popular picture. ASG has schedule a debate for next Wednesday in Norris, after which ASG senators will vote to recommend the university release an official statement on the color of the dress.

ASG President Julia Zorn has been quoted saying the following: “This is an important issue that has affected our campus for hours. As President, I view that it is my right, my duty, to lead ASG, an organization that is a perfect representation of the student body, to a decision that will put this debate to rest.”

Some say however that ASG is late to the table. Other institutions of higher education across the nation have already released statements for or against different colorations of the dress.

Other institutes have released neutrality statements that don’t side with either of the two beliefs. One such institute is PTI, the Pennsylvania Technicolor Institute. A spokeswoman for PTI is quoted regarding their decision to release a statement in favor of neither color scheme. “I really think that it’s important to facilitate an open dialogue while maintaining a safe, comfortable environment. I don’t have a specific view on the subject, but I really think it’s good to talk about it and stuff.”

ASG’s hotly anticipated debate will occur next Wednesday at 7:00 PM in the Louis room in Norris. Seating begins at 6:30 PM.

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