STUDY: Theater Kids are Weird

EVANSTON — A study released earlier today by Anthropology professor Dr. Martin Robinson reports the conclusion that theater majors are weird. Furthermore, he found that despite being highly extroverted and sharing their lives with everyone, they are often quite loud and obnoxious.

Robinson said that he was first drawn to research theater major culture after he heard numerous reports of the “loud, obnoxious theater kids all over Norris.” He then conducted a thorough study that compared 50 theater majors with 50 non-theater majors and he found overwhelmingly conclusive results. The study reported, “the theater majors were more than 200% louder and in my face than non-theater majors, and the overwhelming majority of them had personalities that were off-putting or even bizarre.”

The report went on to discuss how theater majors talked at a volume approximately 12 decibels louder than non-theater majors. This number increased to 22 when the theater majors were observed singing. The volume of a jet engine on a Boeing 747 is 21 decibels.

On the heels of this wildly successful study, Robinson plans to conduct new research to determine if engineers are nerdy and introverted.

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