Julia Louis-Dreyfus Walks on to Dolphin Show Cast

EVANSTON — According to Assistant Director of the Dolphin Show Finn Clidestone, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has walked on to the cast of this year’s Dolphin Show. Louis-Dreyfus, a Theatre major, hails from New York City. Although she gained extensive acting experience while living there, she plays it down, saying that most of it was really just “some show about nothing.” While it is uncertain as of yet what role she will fill, it is likely she will be a key player in the success of this year’s production, Gypsy.

When reached for comment, Dolphin Show Director Erin Schulz said, “I’m elated to have Julia join our talented cast. She strikes me as the type of actress who could go on to do amazing things, and I hope that some of her potential will shine through in Gypsy. This could really be a new adventure for the old Dolphin Show.”

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