An Open Letter to the Man Sitting Alone in Tech Express


I hope you’re doing well and that you’re comfortable sitting at that big table all by yourself. I can see that you like sushi based on the half-eaten Seafood Delight sitting two feet to your right.

I also wish to compliment you on your choice of backpack; the North Face Recon is a classic, especially when the notebooks sticking out of it take up the entire booth. I noticed that you’ve compiled a nice stack of notecards to prepare for your midterms. Be careful not to spill soy sauce on them as they are strewn across the entire table.

Your focus is impressive – you’ve managed to completely ignore the hopeful glances of students wandering Tech Express, coffee in hand, as they pause beside you, wondering how long you’ll stay.

I wish you all of the success you deserve.


Group project member looking for a place to sit with team

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