Op Ed: We Need More Task Forces

When it comes to helping Northwestern students, nothing could be better than the task force. A recent task force worked to create the perfect, most acceptable quarter system for all Northwestern students, and the clear benefits are obvious. Following the surprising success of said task force, Northwestern can now truly use its task force capability to solve bigger problems.

Task forces for minorities on Northwestern can be great to make everyone feel truly equal; and each task force would be designed for each separate minority, from African Americans to Pacific Islanders.

Task forces for all gender identities would work as well, as the Transgender task force, the Lesbian task force, and the Homosexual task force could work to make sure the Cis task force provides open Safe Spaces for all.

With all the possible task forces, we should also have a fleet of task forces for determining the validity of task forces. This fleet of task forces would be monitored by another task force for monitoring task forces for determining validity of task forces.

As you can see, these task forces can truly make Northwestern great again, as everyone can work together to argue with each other over each task force’s proposals.

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