Quarterback Who Only Won Five Games Last Year Headed To Super Bowl 50

SANTA CLARA, CA – This coming Sunday, a former Northwestern quarterback who only won five games his senior year will be standing on the field at the biggest professional football game in the world, Super Bowl 50. Trevor Siemian, who didn’t even make the Top 50 in the 2014 QB Rankings, will be standing third-string to starting QB for the Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning.

Many Northwestern fans have expressed their surprise that the man who recorded more interceptions per game than he did scores has a legitimate chance at earning a championship ring in his first professional season. Some even pointed out that Siemian recorded a negative total rushing yardage in over a third of his games in college.

“Trevor Siemian, who barely recorded two thousand total yards his senior year, will be standing on the same field as Cam Newton, the Heisman trophy winner who had broken the SEC rushing record in mid-October his senior year,” Northwestern Football Fan Randall Berg, WCAS ’92, commented. “Not to mention that Trevor, who never appeared in a bowl game in college, is on the same roster as Peyton Manning, the QB who singlehandedly trounced Northwestern in the 1996 Citrus Bowl.

At least one person at Northwestern never lost faith in Siemian, though. “I’ve believed in him from day one,” Northwestern Football Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald professed. “I didn’t even falter that time he tripped and fell, ruining our chance of a last-second win over Michigan.”

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