Review Session Commandeered by Asshole Who Just Wants to Learn

EVANSTON – During a review session for the Econ 202 Midterm, sources have reported that local asshole Jeremy Crack, WCAS ’19, commandeered the entire session. Sources were shocked as Crack repeatedly asked questions that related only to him.

Crack was quick to refute his critics when asked about the session. “Look, I just had some questions related to what we were learning; I mean, they all could have asked questions too, but they didn’t. What is so wrong about me asking the TA numerous questions about how wrong the Laffer Curve is or how that point they made 5 minutes ago doesn’t make sense?” He continued obliviously, “It’s especially key to ask those questions when the TA is explaining what’s going to be on the midterm. All I was trying to do was learn, that’s it.”

Following the review session, Jeremy was singled out by his peers for continually asking stupid questions and voicing his own comments when they were trying to pay attention. “The dude is always like this,” said fellow classmate Varun Sodhi. “in discussion section, he always wastes every minute he can with his own needs. In fact, we wasted one whole session as the TA was too busy answering his question on why he didn’t understand anything at all.”

Rumors have started to float that there may be retribution planned for the overeager freshman.

UPDATE: Local sources have reported that Econ 202 is in turmoil after Crack was forcibly defenestrated by a mob of econ majors after asking for the professor to repeat something he had just said 30 seconds ago.

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