Civil War Textbook Does Not Mention Captain America

EVANSTON – The Northwestern University Historical Society recently launched a boycott over the new Captain America: Civil War movie over the fact that history textbooks on the Civil War contain no mention Captain America. “We poured through our textbooks, and checked the index and everything, but we still could not find him,” quoted NU Historical Society President Billie Lankers.

The NU Historical Society is protesting over the fact that those who watch the new movie are instead watching “gross historical inaccuracies,” as Americas are getting a different view of the Civil War than from what really happened. “American History should stand at the forefront of what we teach kids in schools,” said Lank, “and the fact is that millions of kids are going to be thinking that the American Civil War had leaders like Iron Man and Captain America instead of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. They’ll also start thinking that no one died in the Civil War, when in fact about 620,000 Americans died; no Marvel movie would ever show that.”

Reaction to the protest has been mixed, as some have questioned why people would boycott the Marvel movie and others have asked what the NU Historical Society is. But others have joined in the boycott, particularly RTVF majors, who just enjoy criticizing every popular mainstream movie that exists.

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