Area Freshman Still Not Sure Why Nancy M Cunniff Keeps Emailing Her

Reflecting on her naive actions at the fall quarter Student Organizations Fair, freshman Savannah Grant, WCAS ’20, told reporters she has been receiving unsolicited e-mails from a mysterious ListServ for over four months now.

“Some chick named Nancy keeps emailing me about her book club”, said Grant. “I signed up for a lot of random shit at that fair, but I definitely don’t remember signing up for a book club. I don’t even do the readings for my Russian Lit class.”

Reporters reached out to Nancy M. Cunniff, Director of One Book, One Northwestern and the primary sender of these campus-wide emails, about the issue. “Some recent data analytics One Book conducted revealed that literally no one opens our emails, so I honestly can’t say I’m surprised”, said Cunniff.

When asked if she was familiar with either One Book, One Northwestern or The Signal and the Noise, Grant said she “remembered someone on our class Facebook page mentioning that. But I heard The Big Short covered a lot of the points from the book, so I just watched that instead.”

After it was reported among several members of the freshmen class that they either received their copy of the book late or never received one at all, reporters asked Grant what her experience was. “Is that the book with all the writing on the front? Yeah, I used it as a doorstop during Wildcat Welcome.”

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