New CompSci Class Unveiled, ‘Navigating CAESAR For Non-Majors’

The computer science department at the McCormick School of Engineering recently debuted a new class aimed at non-STEM students. Sources say the class, entitled “Navigating CAESAR For Non-Majors” aims at answering common question about CAESAR, the university-wide website used for registering for classes, but also for looking at grades maybe, and is ostensibly also an acronym for something.

“We’re really hoping this course will clear up some of the most common questions students have about CAESAR,” says CompSci Professor Dennis Bachman. “All the time students ask me questions like, ‘would this goddamn thing work if I used Internet Explorer?’ We decided that the nuances and intricacies of navigating CAESAR could only be properly explained via a college level computer science course dedicated to this shitty website.”

Weinberg freshman Grace Henderson told reporters the class is a “waste of time.” Says Henderson, “Why would anyone need a class to learn how to use CAESAR? Just make a better website. Couldn’t some of Northwestern’s Hamilton ticket budget go to making a class registration site that doesn’t look like it was made in 1997?”

According to Professor Bachman, the course is expected to be “extremely popular, if anyone can figure out how to register for it.”

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