Lonely Freshman Wonders Why No One Posting in PA GroupMe Anymore

Lonely freshman Jenny Patel, WCAS ’21, has begun to wonder why no one is responding to her messages in the PA GroupMe anymore.

“Back when classes started the chat was blowing up nonstop,” said Patel. “Everyone was making hilarious jokes and plans to get bubble tea, but now anytime I ask them to get dinner, it’s like I’m shouting into a void. What’s that all about?”

Since September, Patel has posted in the group consistently, averaging about twice a day. Sources confirm her messages are often friendly, consisting of odd or funny things she saw on the way to class or invitations to study with her in a Hinman lounge. Her groupmates’ messages were reportedly of similar content until a couple of weeks ago, when they started to die off.

“By mid-October all anyone ever seemed to be posting about was the seminar we all take,” said Patel. She noted how their messages became only about what the reading was for that week or how they should be citing their sources for a paper. “Now the only time anyone posts besides me is to ask about due dates and that’s only the really weird kid.”

Patel’s PA groupmates told Flipside reporters they were mostly surprised to learn she was still posting as they had all muted the chat upon meeting people they weren’t forced into friendship with by Wildcat Welcome.

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