Op-Ed: I Like the Cold But I Wouldn’t Let My Daughter Date It

Don’t get me wrong, when I came to Northwestern I knew what kind of neighborhood I was moving into but that doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice my values just because the weather is getting colder. Winter culture is alright by me, really, I love sledding, skiing, snowballs, those hot chocolates that seem to be so popular among cold people. I’ve even caught a cold. Multiple times.

But that doesn’t mean I’d ever let my daughter date it. Is it so wrong to have a moral objection to see my flesh and blood wrapped in its bitter embrace? Think about it this way, you don’t see Buzzfeed come out with a list counting the top ten coldest celebrities on TV do you? It’s just preference is all it is. Like any responsible parent I’m going to keep a close eye on my daughter when she’s out in the cold, even if she’s bundled up. I’ve heard horror stories of parents who let their kids run wild and free – you know what that got them? Frostbite.

I’d just like to reiterate, I have nothing against the cold. I think snow is beautiful. I just wouldn’t want it in my house. I’m not paranoid calling a shoveling service when I see snow piling up in my driveway I just don’t think it belongs in my community.

I firmly believe that other parents should follow my lead and warn their children about the dangers of the cold and the strange culture surrounding it. That being said, I think it’s important for kids to experience other climates so I fully support my daughter’s decision to build igloos in Northern Canada for 6 weeks. It’ll be good for her. She just better not bring any ice back.

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