Februaryfest Forced to Cancel Winter Dillo for 17th Straight Year Due to Inclement Weather

After consulting with university officials and Evanston public safety officers, Februaryfest released a statement today announcing the cancellation of its signature Winter Dillo Day music festival due to expected inclement weather.

“We take great pride in planning the largest student-run outdoor winter music festival in the country, but unfortunately, high winds, single-digit temperatures, and accumulated snow on the lakefill have forced us to cancel all scheduled performances,” Februaryfest spokesperson Jonathan Thompson said.

The announcement marks the 17th year in a row that Winter Dillo has been cancelled due to the weather. Even when it has gone on, though, Winter Dillo has occasionally been marred by controversy. At the last Winter Dillo in 2001, students threw snowballs at Radiohead until the band stormed off the stage in the middle of their set.

Regardless of the event’s checkered past, students expressed disappointment at missing out on the unique experience again this year. “I really wanted to see the Baha Men perform ‘Who Let the Dogs Out,’ but I understand Februaryfest’s position,” sophomore Alice McCoy said. “At least I’ll still get to wear my sorority’s Dillo parka.”

At press time, sources reported that the student body still planned to get trashed in various backyards that morning.

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