Your Future Roommate Plans to Continue Beekeeping in the Dorms

As the march towards spring moves on and Northwestern students begin to think about the next year, unbeknownst to you, your future roommate is making plans to continue their beekeeping next year. Taking into account the limited space provided by double-sized dorm rooms, they have allotted just enough space to store all three of their hives without intruding on your personal space.

“It shouldn’t be a problem,” your future roommate told the Flipside, “I mean we all have to do our part to save the bees. Who hates the environment enough to force me to kill twelve hundred bees? They can’t survive the winter you know.”

According to the person you think you know well enough to commit in advance to sharing a room with, the coming and going of the drones gathering pollen shouldn’t bother you. “After all, it’s like white noise. Plus, they don’t even sting unless they perceive a threat. Like any sudden movement.”

At time of press your future roommate admitted that they forgot that all the flowers die in the winter and is planning to convert your shared closet space into a flower garden.

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