Floormate Thinks Socks on Doorknobs Are Gifts, His Collection is Growing Quite Large

The residents of Lincoln Hall 2nd floor have fallen victim to the strange antics of fellow floor member Daniel Jackson; according to sources, the McCormick freshman has been taking socks off of doorknobs under the assumption that they are gifts left there for anyone to take. Witnesses report that his collection is growing quite large.

Twenty students have already come to the floor RA with complaints that they witnessed Daniel once again pulling the socks off the handles and tucking them gently under his belt to later be thrown into a pile in his room. When asked about the petty thefts, floor mate Alice Sampson said, “He seemed genuinely grateful when I asked him about why he took one of my socks. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, so I just let him keep it.” Other residents were less amicable. Josh Denton of room 237 said, “I’m tired of him doing this. My roommate walked in on me with a girl because there wasn’t a sock on the knob anymore. I’m also missing so many socks at this point that I have to walk all the way to Target and buy more.”

Flipside reached out to Daniel to get his perspective and see if he would stop his crimes; his response was simply, “Why would I stop? It’s so nice of everyone to be giving out presents to anyone that walks by. It really makes the floor feel more like a family.” He added that, though not quite as large, his collection of hair ties from the doorknobs in the girls’ wing is also steadily growing in stature.

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