Students Watch Anxiously as Squirrel Attempts to Cross Sheridan on a Busy Day

Last Monday, students gathered outside the Arch to watch as a brave squirrel attempted to cross Sheridan during rush hour.

The squirrel, a proud 5-year-old grey-and-brown Evanstonian, was affectionately dubbed ‘Mr. Squibs,’ by the anxious crowd of onlookers shortly before hopping into the thick of oncoming traffic.

“There were just so many cars,” said Bienen Freshman Cecelia Smith. “I was jumping up and down, screaming for him to go back to his burrow. I kept thinking, ‘oh God, he’s gonna get creamed any second now.’”

However, Mr. Squibs’s technique was impeccable, according to Weinberg Sophomore and local squirrel enthusiast Jana Liddell.

“He hopped like a damn gymnast. It was beautiful. Bobbing and weaving, beating every obstacle…”

Liddell, among others, came away inspired by the squirrel’s courage.

“It was heroic. He rubbed his tiny little squirrel paws together, slicked his fur back, looked both ways, and took the leap of faith. Mr. Squibs should be a role model to us all ”

Northwestern Facilities Management removed the dead squirrel from the crosswalk later that day.

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