Area Student Beginning Winter Hobby of Watching Rich Students Call Ubers Everywhere

A local student has reportedly been seen walking around campus, observing when other students request Ubers to Tech or other prominent campus buildings. This student, Brian Jackson, can often be found with a notebook in hand, tallying up the number of Uber cars he sees pull up to tech on especially snowy days.

When asked about his actions, Jackson had this to say: “Yeah, its one of my favorite wintertime hobbies. I really enjoy keeping track of how many of my rich friends I can count taking Ubers from their dorms to tech when the weather is cold. I give them bonus points if I can see both where the Uber picks them up and drops them off from one spot.”

Reporters were able to get in contact with a prominent Uber user that Jackson records. The student had this to say about her actions: “As an international student, I’m really not used to the cold. It really lifts a huge burden off my day when I’m able to just kick back and be driven 30 seconds up Sheridan road. This way I’m able to spend the least amount of time possible outside. Sure, I couldwalk to my classes, but I really enjoy watching all the less fortunate kids suffering on their long winter walks.”

Jackson is expected to continue his hobby through the winter months, and will likely be expanding his search to students who get their lunch delivered in front of Mudd every day.

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