Freshman With Housing Selection Number 99999999 Ends up With Dorm Room in Qatar

Students across campus have recently completed their housing selection, and while some got their first picks for next year’s dorms, not everyone was so lucky. Freshman Jacquelin Roberts was concerned when she discovered her housing priority number was 99,999,999. As a result, the only rooms left for her to choose were on Northwestern’s Qatar campus. When she emailed Residential Services asking if it was a glitch, she got a one line response saying, “Oof that’s a bummer.”

“I was thinking I’d have to live in Elder or even Bobb, but when my time slot came around, the only options left were in Qatar,”said Roberts. When asked for comment, a Northwestern official said, “Hey, it’s still a Northwestern dorm, isn’t it? We said you have to live on campus for two years, but we never specified which campus.”

Despite this setback, Roberts is remaining positive. “My room assignment has already been an educational experience for me. I learned where Qatar is, and that Northwestern has a campus there! The commute is only a 13-hour flight each way, which gives me plenty of time to get my work done, and the weather in Doha is great. The only major downside is that I will have less time to explore Chicago, which was on my bucket list.”

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