Oral Surgeon Under Fire For Making Tongue-In-Cheek Joke After Botched Mouth Reconstruction Surgery

Dr. Dentin M’Toof faces public backlash after a patient’s Facebook post accused him of making a “tongue-in-cheek” joke following a failed operation to reconstruct the patient’s mouth.

Debra Russo, who sought Dr. M’Toof’s services after severely damaging the lower half of her face following a unicycle mishap, says the surgeon caused her severe distress.

“Halfway through the surgery, they took me off the anesthesia and told me the Doctor had been following the wrong X-Ray after a nurse misfiled mine. Whatever. Mistakes happen. But then he said some weird thing about me only speaking in literal ‘tongue-in-cheek’ punchlines because of the surgery. What? How unfunny is that?”

“Even though he’s still alive, I see myself as the modern day Jerry Seinfeld,” says Dr. M’Toof. “I naturally find humor in what I observe and feel obligated to share those instances with those close to me. It’d be a waste if I didn’t.”

Debra’s post on the “seriously uncomfortable and unfunny remark” has garnered thousands of views, even sparking a trending hashtag: #M’ToofM’NotM’Funny.

“I give off pleasant vibes, so I guess you could say I’m a good aura-l surgeon as well,” M’Toof said. “See, I just can’t help it. It really does come that easily to me. But that surgical mishap was my third strike, so the board will most likely vote to remove my license. On the bright side, it gives me time to work on my standup material!”

Debra hopes her incident will make medical professionals aware of how much turmoil a cheap joke can bring to a patient.

“Anything would have better. He could’ve asked me something like ‘Cheek got your tongue?’ Hey, that’s actually not bad. I’m like some kind of modern day John Mulaney or something.”

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