Ask Flippy: Help! What Did I Used to Do for Fun Back Home?

Dear Flippy,

I’ve been excited about going home for weeks! I finally got off the plane and I’m all ready for Winter break, except… I can’t remember why I was excited to be here. Please help!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family. But they have jobs and a life. I used to have a life, but I can’t remember what it consisted of. 

Why do all my friends have nose rings now? Am I still allowed to hang out with them if they have nose rings? And how did we even hang out before? Like what did we do, just sit there? Why is nothing ever happening here and why do I have to drive 30 minutes to get anywhere?

I have nothing to do. I am just sitting in bed. I need your help. I am stressed over this lack of responsibility. Please. 


Just a Small Town Girl Living in a Lonely World


Small Town Girl, 

Maybe you just weren’t fun before college. 

And you can’t be friends with people that have nose rings if you don’t have a nose ring.

Your Nose Ringed Worst Enemy,


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