Student Wonders When to Ask About Syllabus During Professor’s 30 Minute Tangent on Dead Ex-Wife

Midway through a 30-minute long tangent in her sociology class conducted by the renowned Professor Harold Pierce, Emily Stilton, WCAS ‘23, struggled to find a time to interject a question on the syllabus.

“Sure, Professor Pierce’s brutal divorce and struggle with alcoholism is sad, but how else was I supposed to clarify the minor typo in the grading policy?” said the disgruntled Stilton. “If I wanted to know about his late wife’s inspiring struggle against hand, foot, and mouth disease, I’d go to office hours.”

While most of the class was reportedly moved to tears over Pierce’s gripping tale on the loving relationship he had with his ex-wife Jana, Stilton remained perched on the edge of her seat eagerly waiting to ask her question. “My original plan was to fit my query in between his gambling addiction and the death of his dog, but his wailing fit drowned out my question on how to request an exam regrade,” complained Stilton.

 “Sorry about Julia or whatever, but unlike your wife, my grade isn’t dead yet.”

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