Success: Girl Who Called You Ugly In Middle School Now Has 3 Kids All Named Zayden

You. Yeah, you. No matter who you are, you remember.

It’s a universal experience. Back in 8th grade on the bus ride home from school, you were engaged in shallow conversation with popular girl Hannah Griffin. Wow, you thought, Hannah is talking to me. That pride was momentary, however. Your world slowed down, 3OH!3 ft. Ke$ha’s My First Kiss playing through your Skullcandy headphones was lost to the ether as Hannah spoke the words “you’re ugly.” You don’t hear what preceded or followed that fateful statement, but the blow dealt to your pubescent self-esteem remained nonetheless.

It’s okay. We here at the Flipside know. You can let it all out.

We here at the Flipside are also happy to report that Hannah Griffin now has 3 kids, all of which are inexplicably named Zayden.

After intensive research on Hannah’s Facebook page (shared with the baby daddy she married at 19, nonetheless), the Flipside investigation team can now confirm that you are definitely doing better in life than that bitch who wasn’t even that hot anyway, how the hell did she rope a guy into marrying her?

Fear not, dear reader— Hannah’s kids are kind of ugly too. We can only hope that a Hannah analogue does not insult her children the way she insulted you those long years ago.

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