Ask Flippy: How do I recover after no one responded to my canvas post with “I totally agree. The truth of that statement is definitely true and not false”?

Dear Flippy,

The unspeakable has happened. I went to go check my class discussion board yesterday, expecting to see all the classic comments on my delicately crafted post about the gender wage gap, and to my surprise there was not a single response. I expected at least a “good point!” or an “I totally agree!”, but nothing. Zero. Zilch, Nada. Canvas participation is 20% of our grade, so people have to be commenting somewhere. Then I look over at Chad Chadson’s post and he has response after response. I mean come on! All he said was that women are “cool” and that we just need to “like not be sexist”. Even my TA dropped a response: “So true bestie”. Am I that irrelevant?




Dear Chloe,

I 100% agree with the point you’re making. It’s well thought out and definitely written in a paragraph format which I like. If one were to say that your statement was not true, I would disagree. This really makes me think of some other thoughts that have been shared with me in the past and I think we can all agree we live in a society where things happen, and people do things. I think you need to look at the situation through a different lens. The true nature of the discussion post is both discussion and post if that makes sense. Anyways, I’m so glad I got to see your take on this issue. Awesome email!



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