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Poster Sale Actually Cover-Up for More Construction at Norris

EVANSTON—This past week’s poster sale at the Norris Center provided the university with a way to mask additional construction in the Wildcat Room. The cover-up was discovered when freshman Robert Zucker attempted to remove a poster from the display wall. “I was just trying to get that Star Wars poster,” claims Zucker, “but when I did, there was an orange construction fence behind it.” When Zucker revealed the construction fence, a Norris security team appeared out of nowhere and swarmed

Poster Sale Purchases More Interesting Than Buyers

EVANSTON—You can tell a lot about a man by his wall. No, not his Facebook wall. People can create false personas and post things on their own wall; thus, making them look much more popular than they really are, not that I would know or anything… No, I am talking about the $10,000 dorm room wall. You know it is a bad sign when a kid puts nothing on his wall. He probably has no personality. The kid’s is as