Safe Ride Driver Arrested for DUI

EVANSTON—Last night around 1:45 AM, SafeRide driver Jimmy Sloan was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol while transporting Northwestern sophomore David Bernstein from a ZBT frat party to his south campus residence. According to Evanston police officer Ralph Williams, Sloan attempted to street race on Sheridan Road with an Intercampus shuttle which was not willing to join him.

Said Sloan, “I give him the look, you know? The bus driver made eye contact with me so I knew it was on.” Unfortunately for Sloan, he was the only participant in the race. After nearly colliding with the South campus construction site, Sloan’s vehicle was spotted by Officer Williams, who pursued him down Chicago Avenue until Sloan stopped.

“I asked him for license and registration and he shaped his hand like a claw and yelled,” said Williams. “That’s when I knew something was wrong.” When asked by the officer if he had been drinking, Sloan replied “A guy’s gotta party.” The officer conducted a field sobriety test during which, according to one witness, Sloan could be heard yelling “Don’t tase me, bro! Don’t tase me!” The officer did not have a taser on his person during the testing.

The Flipside spoke with Bernstein today about the traumatic incident. “I knew something was wrong when Jimmy told me his favorite game when he was younger was Crazy Taxi on Dreamcast” he told me. “He started looking for ramps to jump to “get some mad bonus points, dude” but instead just went for the street race.”

After failing the field sobriety test by falling down multiple times and attempting to hug Officer Williams, Sloan was given a breathalyzer, which reported a blood alcohol content of .16, or twice the legal limit. He awaits a court date.

When asked why he was driving drunk on the job, Sloan explained “I had to pregame it, dude.” When informed that pregaming generally occurs before a significant event or party, he replied “SafeRide’s a party”.

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