Colts Win Super Bowl

MIAMI GARDENS, FL—Peyton Manning undoubtedly threw for 330 yards and three touchdowns on Sunday as the Colts most definitely defeated the Saints.

Reggie Wayne hauled in some catches. Dallas Clark did, too. Austin Collie also contributed.

New Orleans’ quarterback Drew Brees tried to calm the storm by passing for 289 yards on 29 of 36 attempts. Brees was sacked twice and was picked off twice in commercials comparing Katrina to Haiti.

Reggie Bush illegally pushed several players into the end zone. He also wore a 48 karat diamond earring.

We suppose The Who’s halftime performance must have made hundreds of oddly coordinated fans jump up and down in front of a guitar shaped stage. Peter Townshend, 64, made highlight reels nationwide when he forgot the answer to “Who Are You?” and responded by asking “who, who; who, who?”

Budweiser may have stolen the show with their hilarious commercial featuring animals doing human things.

Throughout the game, the ball moved up and down the field. A couple of times it got in the end zone. Others times, it went through the goal posts. On occasion, a white guy dropped the ball onto his foot, causing it to soar the other direction in the air. It was really exciting.

After the loss, New Orleans entire economy collapsed.

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