Flipside Receives Medill F

EVANSTON—After thorough fact-checking, Medill professors and administrators unanimously awarded The Flipside an “F” for its inordinate amount of factual errors.

“The content was exceptional, but there is no such person at Northwestern as ‘Weinberg freshman Joe Krawson,’” said a concerned Medill professor, after reading an article which he thought would profile a very successful student.

In a further, shocking investigation, it was uncovered that The Flipside has never quoted a real person. Every single quote is false.

The publication’s president is known to have told staff writers not to spend more than two minutes researching for an article, leading to many more errors other than spelling of names.

These errors cause readers to be misinformed, and sound either stupid, or hilarious in social situations.

“I was confused, because the party report on NUIntel didn’t say anything about poachers at ZooBT; maybe I left too early,” said sorority girl Alice Miller.

A Medill F is the most shameful designation a journalist can receive, so faculty thought that this mark on The Flipside’s reputation would change how they produce news. The publication, however, continues to put forth slanderous, outrageous, and completely false material.

The Flpiside, however, denies the allegations.

“If Dean Lavine can make up quotes, then why can’t we? I thought that was the standard now at Medill,” said Flipside PR rep Jenny Schmidt.

Northwestern University supposedly has one of the most prestigious journalism schools in the nation, so the administration found it quite appalling when discovering that a publication with so many errors could be printed. However, after pondering the fact that the campus also produces The Daily Northwestern, they dropped all charges.

The following article was not satire. It was completely factual. April Fool’s.

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