Dillo Day Issue: Dillo FAY yeahBut like regina spector

By An Actual Drunk Man*

So its been a great dfay. It’s been fucking difficult trying to login to write this ariticel.   I mena so what if my password was wrong the first threew times shouldnty i still be able to use my free speech. Its the first ammendment.  I shall not be silenced by the password code.  What was i writing abouyt?  of yeah dillo day.  Dydude we dont evewn have any armadillos here .  ity should have been called like fricken squirrel or rabbit day. That would make sense.  but this armadillo day? are we supposed to curl ui[ into a little ball are run away?  IO say no.  We should fighty back and show how the world should be.  The armadillos are not better than us, we are better than them.  ANd we wiull prove it when the war begins.  Man vs armabillos.

But the bands and singers that we have here are chill, like regina, mash brtos, guster (where di they come from?) and Ne;;y (if you want to take a ride with me) are good choices.  It was a great day.  WHAT? OKAY! YEAH! some little wayne  for ya.  MY head itches i want to scratch it biut it doesnt feel any better.  I might be sweating a litle bit.  I’m hungry be right back.

I grabbed some yogos cuz they are delicious and they make me ghappy.  Apple flavored.  MMMMMM.  I tried to word count this but i am not on wordx so it didnt work.  All done with my yogos.  I’m still itchy on my head. Ne3ver drunk text a girl.  especially if you like her and she doesnt know it.  It ends poorly trust me.   With that in mind i bid you all a godo day and reminber to enjoy yourselves because you only get one life to live. P{eace out homies.

Yours from the bobb mchiulloch

JSC (should i put my name?) too late

*Seriously, he was not sober when this was written. Don’t frown, he’s over 21.

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